This is what’s trending

Faux fur is trending this season. You can get coats, jackets and vests made with faux fur.  You can be consciously aware of animal rights and stay on trend by purchasing faux furs; they are also much less expensive than the real thing. Fur vest add a fashionable addition to any simple outfit. The look is playful and fun. You can wear different lengths, colors and different kind of fur looks; long or short hair. Pairing the vest with the infinity knit scarf is oh so chic. Heads will turn this season when you rock your fur.


Faux fur vest from H&M


Mongolian faux fur with faux rabbit

fur 6faux furfaux fur 3fur 8fur 2fur 4faux fur 4faux fur 2fauxfur3scarfSome photographs provided by Pinerest.