Neutral tones with a pop of color keep you inspired


physical 6

I love these long sleeves for walking on chilly days


physical 4

This tie dye look is awesome, it will turn heads


physical 8

I am a fan of high-waist pants they keep the belly in line creating the look you want


physical 1

I simply love this cover-up after working out, so chic!


physical 2

A nice fitting jacket keeps you focused toward your goals


physical 7

Look good on cooler days with a fashionable jacket and leggings


physical 5

I could wear this jacket even if I wasn’t working out. Perfect when I stop at the store after leaving the gym.


physcal shoes

This is a cool color palate on these sneakers


physical 3

I love to wear caps when walking outside to keep my hair from drying out in the elements


This long sleeve top keeps me motivated, from Sister4Fitness

Being active is not only important for the youngsters, it’s also important for older folks, so keep it moving. Physical activity is extremely important for maintaining a healthy weight, and also instrumental in reducing your stress levels. Don’t let years of bad habits keep you down; mine is having a sweet tooth. You will have some slip-ups, but you can persevere. It comes down to taking control of your life and not letting life control you. Use this new year as a time to start a new health kick resolution. But it doesn’t matter when you start; just get started. Give yourself credit for what you are already doing. I go to the gym 3-4 days per week, I only drink water and never soda, and walk at least 20-30 minutes at least 5 times per week. But yet there is more I could be doing because my weight continues to creep. So I need to reset my goals; eat more fruits and vegetables, eat less sugar, and move more with more intense exercises. I also joined a Facebook group, Sisters4Fitness to help with motivation. It’s okay to get physical; of course do it in style, but don’t let that be an excuse not to.