Positive Affirmations

A positive self-concept, confidence, happiness, and contentment are what I aim for each day. I affirm this daily to myself. Mental fitness is very important for keeping you young at heart.

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Remain strong and focused to bring about a positive attitude when you accomplish what you set out to do.


Chakra affirmation

Located at the base of your spine, this chakra is waiting to stimulate the mind-body’s dormant energy.

Feel the earth’s energy connect with this chakra, pulsing a flow of positive energy up through your spine to stimulate each chakra until it blossoms at the crown of your head as pure joy and bliss.



Cap – Apricot Lane, Sunglasses – Ray Ban


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The Flatiron Building was actually a feat of engineering that used newly developed construction methods. A sturdy steel skeleton allowed the Flatiron Building to achieve record-breaking height without the need for wide supporting walls at the foundation. When it was constructed, some people worried that the Flatiron Building would collapse. People may think you will fail, but you know better.


I absolutely love looking at this building.  When in New York, I took a shot of this wonder.

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My blow-out style makes me feel free, creative and strong.