Am I now in this dating game in my 50’s? I’m not necessarily looking forward to starting over, but as a single woman after many years of marriage, I have little choice. I recently attended a book signing for the book, “The Dating Game”. This book came together by a collection of Black women writers. I look forward to reading this because the women’s stories are from a variety of ages of Black woman around the country who are in search of “Mr. Right”. It is a compilation of dating stories, from writers who share their tales of adventures and experiences that turn out to be funny and surprising in their search. The stories will make you laugh, cry and root for the characters to land Mr. Right.
I don’t take the dating game very seriously, because I’m not in a rush to find a mate. After more than 20 years of marriage, I’m taking my time, and enjoying time by myself. But if I do decide to date, of course I’m going to dress fashionably, and confidently, because visual impressions say who we are.


The Dating Game chronicles the stories of hopefuls on their journey toward happily every after.

2015-03-07 22.40.58

I’m wearing a turquoise ring, jade bracelet, and lace blouse. The blouse is good for a date because it’s sexy and shows some cleavage without being too revealing.


Dangling drop earrings and bangles add a feminine touch.

2015-03-07 22.44.34

My curls are combed out to create a large afro. (a bold statement look)

2015-03-07 22.35.27

I paired the top with a suede leather jacket and jeans to tone down the lace blouse for a more casual look.

2015-03-07 22.37.59

I got the leather jacket from Goodwill for $20. The black suede wedges keep my look casual and funky.

2015-03-07 22.50.13

Wearing my skinny jeans keeps my looks young and current.