20150417_22022620150419_100732My kind of town, Chicago is… wonderful song, and so true. I took a trip back to my hometown for a reunion at my college campus; it had been 5 years since being back home. Chicago is always considered a fashion forward city. The weekend weather was good considering the chill factor of the “Windy City”. But I still noticed women wearing their boots, jackets and sometimes scarves just in case the temps dropped or the winds proved to be a little too much.

These fabulous, chic photographs were located on the side of the Chicago Hilton hotel, where I stayed on Michigan Avenue.  That’s pretty fashionable to have couture hanging on the sides of a hotel.
DSC00376 DSC00377 DSC00379 DSC00380 DSC00381 DSC00382 DSC00384

I caught these fashion design displays in the windows walking past Columbia College on Michigan Avenue.  The student designer was being featured to promote one of the departments the college has to offer.  I received my Bachelors in fashion merchandising from Northern Illinois University where my reunion was taking place just outside of Chicago.


I wore a simple black knit dress from Express for the SISTERS college reunion. The dress has leather cap sleeves and leather inserts on the sides to help to create a smaller waistline, which is very important for seeing people you haven’t seen in years.  I added an off-white beaded African necklace to brighten it up for spring.  Our colors are black and pink and I couldn’t find a pink dress in time.  Black is always appropriate, slimming and safe.

I had a wonderful trip!