I have a passion to travel!

When you put your dreams out in the universe, things begin to align with your thoughts.  I happened upon a group of women entitled, “Brown Girls Travel Too”. They gave a seminar inspiring brown girls and women to live life without limitations, boundaries, or a zip code.  The seminar informed us about  being able to afford travel, how to book and plan cheap travel, and the art of traveling solo.

I was amazed at the plethora of travel tips to make traveling affordable and doable.  These three women, Rashanda Banks, Crystal Davis, and Andrea Thompson, are women just like you and me who are traveling all around the world.  It opened my eyes about putting my efforts into something, and making it happen. My initial plans were to wait till retirement to start traveling the world, but why wait, tomorrow is not promised.  At the end of the slide show with many informational tips, we made a vision board about our personal traveling aspirations.


My vision board includes photos of African fashion and people, because Africa is definitely on my “wish list”.  I want to explore countries that include Kenya, Nigeria, and Ghana. I also included beach scenes, and destinations in the middle east and Europe.  The wine I envision sipping at cafe in Italy and Spain.


My vision board includes the statements, “pump it up”, “the gift of self-love”, and “living a healthy life”.  These are positive affirmations to remind me about treating myself to what I want to do in life.  An important part of being healthy is being able fulfill your desires.


The women also stressed the important safety steps to take when traveling solo; so I included words “street smart”.


In order to make your dreams come true, you must develop a traveler’s mindset! Make travel a PRIORITY in your life.  This mindset requires a LOT of Discipline!

If you want to include traveling as a part of your lifestyle, and want to learn how to do it on the CHEAP, check these ladies out on Instagram at Brown girls travel too.

I’m so excited to get started; I look forward to sharing my travel pics with you.

( Distressed jeans are from Nordstrom and the asymmetrical leather trim top is my creation.)