Loving yourself and your body is paramount to your personal happiness.  God created us to be special in our own ways, however, there are times when our bodies require some maintenance.  As I get older, I tend to gain my weight in my middle, and most of my weight hits my stomach. I go to the gym regularly to work on this area as well as  some other areas.  I make sure to concentrate on my abs.  It’s a constant struggle for me to maintain a waistline, but in the mean time, I look for clothes that don’t accentuate my waistline. (clothes that camouflage or hide)

I often use a belt to give the illusion of a smaller waistline. Skirts with gathering in the right areas will take away the focus from the stomach area. Dresses that hang are also good, but don’t forget to suck in and wear body shapers underneath to streamline your figure.

lookin up

Wide belt I purchased from Ross, can be worn with so many things and adds color to an outfit.


skirt by Polyvore

dress 4

High waist two piece bathing suits are an absolute dream when hiding a bulging stomach. Not only do they hold you in, but they smooth down bulges you might have.


Essence June Issue


I have made several high waist pants and have purchased high waist jeans and skirts from H&M and Chicos (who specialize in higher waist clothing).

2014-07-19 02.41.53

High waist pants I made, work wonders to prevent muffin top.