You deserve your best self! Take time for yourself to regenerate your engines.  Make sure you fuel the engines by nourishing your body with healthy food and as much exercise as you’re able to squeeze in.  Ditch the excuses, because you’re only short-changing yourself, no one else.  Give yourself as much quiet time to listen to your inner voice, your inner goddess. Meditation and yoga give you the opportunity for “me time”.

It can be very simple. Every morning I drink a couple of cups of herbal green tea, and make a spinach smoothie to take to work for a snack. I take 20 minutes walks with my dog every morning and every evening.  I go to Hermann Park 3-4 times per week after work to run, walk, and  breathe in the fresh air.  I also take advantage of free yoga in the park on Saturday mornings, and I ride my bike there.

Remember that we can only be able to help others in our life when we are our best selves.

Spinach, avocado, quinoa salad


Must have some fruits everyday


My walking/running shoes. I carry them in my car each day for after work.


I make a spinach, banana smoothie each morning to take to work for a mid-morning snack.

physical 8

I walk everyday, and alternate with short periods of running.


Walking path in Hermann Park


I have this inspirational poster on my bedroom wall to keep me inspired.