Finally, I’m taking my first trip to Europe. This girl is traveling to Barcelona Spain for the New Year holiday. I’m super excited to take this adventure by myself and expand my experiences. I told you guys that my inner goddess tells me to live my life to its fullest and this includes traveling. I will of course take plenty of photos and update you about the trip, so stay tuned. I fly into Paris, then transfer to Spain.  I’m crossing my fingers that I can handle this 9 hour flight.  Wish me luck!
DSC01051The trip starts with me locating my passport and getting traveling books from Half-Price Books about Barcelona.

20151212_110244 20151219_083823 I pulled out my suitcases and bought a money belt to keep my cash safe. 20151225_193514The difficult part comes with deciding what to pack.  I had to rethink my packing strategy and start over by laying out clothes to make interchangeable outfits. The trick is to take the least amount of clothes as possible so that if I buy more clothes, I won’t be overloaded.  (I made that mistake when I traveled to New York.)20151225_193401

You must have scarves to keep you warm as well as adding a pop of color.  You must have a lot of black and animal prints for night time.


Once I selected my outfits, which include, two skirts, jeans, black skinny pants, corduroy pants, a chunky sweater, a cashmere sweater, tee shirts, and three dressy blouses, everything was rolled in the suitcase. You noticed that I remembered my swimsuit, I heard the Mediterranean is warm and beautiful.

20151222_185022I hope to have a wonderful time in Barcelona, see you guys later with tales about my trip.