As I promised, I want to give you a glimpse of the fashions I saw on the streets of Barcelona. I always like to check out how locals and other Europeans are dressing compared to Americans.  I was pleasantly surprised at the effortlessly chic looking styles on the street.  The month of January brought out the jackets, scarves, booties, and hats.  This is a big difference than how you see the majority of people dressing in Houston Texas.  Most people I don’t believe, own winter jackets and coats because the cold weather does not last long.  Nevertheless, I believe in being fashionably prepared for cold weather.  Check out how scarves are wrapped or draped to keep off the chill.  Everyone was wearing some kind of boot, more ankle than knee highs.  Jeans were at a minimum, similar to what I found in New York.  In fact the city reminded me of New York, not only because of the elaborate subway system, but also because the chic looks and slim physiques of most Europeans. I also show you what some of the fashions in the boutiques.
I felt at home because I love scarves, love layering, and love coats, jackets, and gloves. (I had the opportunity to wear my leather fur trimmed gloves.)  I don’t  always get an opportunity to wear winter clothes in Houston.


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