20160423_092916.jpgMy passion for purple was perpetuated this week with the passing of a musical genius known as Prince. He was not only a one of a kind artist, but a compassionate activist with phenomenal vision who had so much more to give us. We sometimes take for granted, like I did, that our great ones will be with us for a long time, but the reality is that we don’t know how much time we will have to make a difference.
I was moved to look for purple fashions in honor of Prince. In my opinion, purple is going to become a lot more prominent in the near future. This is what I found in Dillard’s and Express.


Prince always loved purple and prints.  This dress from Express gives us a beautiful purple floral pattern.  Great for the summer, add a jacket, and wear it to the office.



This lace summer dress in solid purple makes a great addition to summer looks for work and after work events. (Dillard’s)


I was very inspired to choose purple polish.  This is cute quilted bag with a soft purple hue; purple power! (Dillard’s)


This top at Dillard’s really channeled Prince.  The pattern reminds me of the paisley prints he wore so well.


Dillard’s is showing really cute cover-ups.  Purple is integrated with other colors in the print to create a softer affect.


Look how cute these purple lace shorts are, sold at Dillard’s.


Express is showing very fashionable workout wear.  Working out in purple might help you stay motivated.


Nature honors Prince with purple passion