What is fashion fusion? Fashion fusion is a fashion competition inspired by the exhibition Sculpted in Steel: Art Deco Automobiles and Motorcycles, 1929-1940. The competitors are the Houston Community College fashion design students. HCC collaborated with The Museum of Fine Arts, Houston for the fashion presentation of the finalist’s designs. There were three judges, and the audience was also able to vote electronically. This year marks the 2nd annual event. I attended with my daughter who also loves fashions. I look forward to the show each year, because being a fashionably fit woman of substance, creative new designs give me life.



The designers were inspired to create looks from the era of the 1929 thru 1940 for that retro appeal. Some went all out using materials that mimicked car parts. After the show I took a look at Victorian dresses that were preserved beautifully in the museum.

What did I wear to the fashion show? I chose to wear the silk kimono I made. I wanted to be fashionably comfortable on a rainy night. The kimono easily adds class to a tank top and pencil high waist pants. The unique necklace I found at the market in New Orleans.