My visits to DC is always on point. I had a chance to stroll down the famous U street, which is considered the traditionally Black mecca area for restaurants and night life in DC. I was so glad to see the historical markers along the street and various restaurants still thriving in the area. I always learn something new when I go to DC. The Association of Black Psychologist Conference brought me to DC this time. I found some afrocentric fashion and jewelry of course; I can always find the good stuff when traveling.

I continue to emphasize staying as active and healthy as you can. Traveling is my way to keep my mind sharp by exploring new places and learning about the history of new places. I also took a cool tour, “Egypt on the Potomac” which highlights the Egyptian culture stolen and used in the design of Washington DC. I will return to DC this month for the opening of the African American Museum.


There were plenty of markers along U street detailing the history of the city in its hay day.


Outside of the famous Chili Bowl restaurant

Handmade mud cloth print jacket from a vendor at the conference20160811_120324

Great soul food spot on U street


Chicken wings, greens and cabbage


I couldn’t leave DC without hearing live jazz


 Discover your roots in DC, visit Howard University, visit the Smithsonian museums, the new African American Museum, the historical monuments and Egypt on the Potomac tour.  Discover the music, food, and people of DC.  Stay active, informed, healthy, and fashionable.