I found out that my ancestry roots come from Benin Africa.  One of the things the Benin people are known for are their beautiful art with natural materials such as gold and silver.  I have always had a passion for art.  I grew up with art because my mother is an artist.

I admire, appreciate and create art when I can. Art will forever be the legacy for the African people.


Mardi Gras head piece

I attended a reception at the Houston Museum of African American Art.  The exhibit featured artists from New Orleans.  The colors popped and the richness and cultural spirit moved me.  Black people around the world have always expressed themselves through their art.  Art tells our story, shares our traditions and keeps our legacy alive forever.20160916_194705220160916_19483620160916_19444920160916_194614220160916_194703220160916_194504I saw this beautiful piece when I visited the Smithsonian Museum of African Art in DC.