Sweet Africa is the cradle of our civilization, the motherland, and the crown jewel of Earth.  Africa is always in my heart because it is part of who I am.  My ancestral roots originate and run deep in mother Africa and I feel it running through my veins.  When we African people (African Americans) know this, it enables us to have a connection to our beginnings, and gives us a positive foundation to build from.  Although I haven’t been to Africa yet, it’s definitely on my list of excursions. You can never remove the pulse of the land no matter how many years and how far away we are from it.  It’s amazing when you see our dance, our creativity, our style, and our strength, that you can’t deny who we are.

I have always had an interest in Africa’s expressions of art, and have spent years collecting African jewelry, art, and fabrics.  I have included only a few pieces of the things I have as an honor Africa.  You can check out some of my other posts and see the clothes I made using African fabrics. As a woman of substance my love of travel will take me to Africa one day, in the mean time I enjoy studying it’s history and splendor.


Artwork in my living room, masks and mud cloth.



I found this African girl in a black bookstore.


These are only a few pieces of mine; bracelets, necklace, earrings, and hat.


I love African trade beads.  I found these in the African Museum in Washington DC.

I attended the Egyptian Festival in Houston.  Egypt, located in Africa is often not looked as an African country, but it was actually the first existence of life as symbolized in the Ankh, meaning life. The artwork truly reflects the images of Black people. If you ever have opportunities to see Egyptian collections and treasures in a museum in your city, please do!



First annual Egyptian Festival in Houston


Egyptian artwork depicting Egyptian life.


Ank is the Egyptian of life.


Egyptian dancers entertained the crowds



Henna art of the Ankh