The beginnings of the holidays; Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Kwanzaa


I enjoyed the holiday lights at Mood Gardens in Galveston Texas.

The New Black Friday or Buy Black Power Initiative  means not spending your money or giving your power away on the day they expect to take your money.  I’m in favor of enjoying the holidays with family and friends, but we need to seriously think about our future.  Our voices will be heard when we build our economic power.  Do your shopping before, preferably using as many black businesses as possible, or shopping after the holidays to save money.

African-Americans have more than $1 trillion in spending power nationwide. The African-American community hopes to send a message and honor all murdered black men, women and children. It is important realize our spending power, which means that we have the power to make changes in our own communities. Buy Black Empowerment Initiative is a growing reality across the nation.

Don’t sleep on this!!

In order to get changes made, we have to be heard. We need to pull our money out on “Black Friday” and hold it and/or put it in our own businesses in our community.



I buy black as much as possible.  My earrings, bracelet, and tee shirt are from black owned businesses. The mailbag and tennis shoes are from Marshalls. 


Black business owners say when they succeed they reinvest back in their neighborhoods.

A woman of substance, means that you become more informed and you share your knowledge to uplift others.