My new fashion obsession is steam punk. If you’re not familiar with this style of fashion, I would define it as a mixture of Victorian meets Western meets Mad Max. This look is not for everyone because it makes a pretty bold statement, however it can be minimized. I love the rich colors as well as black and muted colors often used. The fashions are very detailed with additions of tons of embellishments such metal, hardware, studs, as well as ribbons and ruffles. The look is also sexy, feminine, at the same time being strong and powerful. I guess I love the contradictions. Steam punk is incorporated in not only in clothing, but shoes, jewelry, art and so much more. It can be an alternative alter-ego lifestyle.
I have included some wearable fashions I feel I can wear courtesy of Pinterest’s Steam Punk Tendencies site. As a fashionable woman of substance, I could rock these looks. Living in Texas may be exceptionally easier to wear these fashions because of the western influence already here. Explore this look for yourself and enjoy the ride.