Come with me on a visual journey of my cruise to Cuba. I jumped at the opportunity to visit the communist country that has been forbidden to Americans for decades. The Capital Jazz Soul Cruise was the trip of a lifetime! Not only was the cruise awesome with multiple concerts each day by fabulous musical artists, but it also was a chance to visit three cities in Cuba that made it amazing.

I took so many pictures of this mysterious, retro city, that I will present them in parts.  Part one is an introduction to the cities I visited,Havana, Santiago, and Cienfeugos.  Of course I’m always looking out for the local fashions and shopping.  I visited a few markets, where bargaining of local merchandise was plentiful.  There were casual cotton dresses, shirts, and skirts, as well as crotched fashions, hats, leather goods, and handcrafted jewelry was plentiful.  I brought back not only clothing, but also Cuban rum and cigars. And yes the country is filled with cars from back in the day, it was awesome.

Join me next time for more pictures of the Cuban people and culture and food.









20170224_104533                                   See you next time, there is so much more to share.