Sometimes simplicity can be awfully chic and sexy. It’s not always about how much you show your body or accessorize your looks, it’s about just wearing enough to let other’s imagination soar. Simple can be sexy. I love uncomplicated clean lines and effortless looks, it makes you look airy and refreshing. Long dresses, long skirts, loose sweaters, and neck scarves, all contribute to this simple chic look, and the looks are perfect for traveling.

After I saw the movie, “Paris Can Wait”, with one of my favorite actresses, Diane Lane, I was inspired to write this post. The movie depicted a middle age woman discovering France with her husband’s coworker who offered to drive her to Paris. The couple made many pit stops to have wine filled lunches, picnics, and dinners before making it to Paris. Diane’s wardrobe was effortless looking, and looked chic and comfortable. There is something beautiful about women of substance who are minimalist when it comes to their accessories and makeup. Sometimes less is more. The countryside of France was very well suited and complimented the chic simplicity of her outfits.
After the movie, I was inspired to take pics of French boutiques near the theater to illustrate simple chic looks.