The phenomenon of the The Black Panther hit on many issues affecting our black community. The movie unfolded multiple layers of the relationships of African Americans and Africans. It was difficult to hate the antagonist because he had some valid points, and being an American corrupted his soul. One thing that everyone I heard from can agree on is that Black Panther was clearly laden with legacy. We can imagine a utopia where blacks can exist where there was no colonization. The son took up where his father left off and became king, the legacy was passed on. The community pulled together and followed tradition. It also left us with the possibility of not only having this existence in Wakanda, but also creating this utopia here by buying real estate and being the the boss through technology. A beautiful, creative, strong legacy continues when young people see themselves on screen. Legacy continues when our young people can imagine a future and turn fantasy into reality. We can do this. Wakanda in our hearts. Wakanda forever.



You can’t enter Wakanda without your African trade beads. Necklace from the country of Mali




Opening night, so many wanted to travel to Wakanda, and dressed in their finest African garb.




I’m wearing my poncho made of African mud cloth, standing in front of a mud cloth mural.



The anticipation and the excitement was awesome, so proud to see my people come out and support.



I love the opportunity of mixing African clothing with western clothing.



It was very important for me to share this movie with my grandchildren.  I loved seeing the movie again, there are so many messages.




African print jacket and top from New York. African necklace from DC.