You can create the life you want. We all have dreams and aspirations about the type of life we would like to live. You may want to go to college and get that additional degree. You may want to change jobs or start your own business. You may want to travel the world. If you are a woman of substance, like me, you are thinking of retiring soon and want to have enough income to sustain yourself. Well, we can all create the life we want. Everything we want is absolutely possible to obtain. First, you must believe that you can do it. There should be no reasons why you can’t do what you want, but you need to develop a plan.

*Give yourself realistic smaller goals that are reasonable and will get you closer to your overall goals.

* I make sure that I accomplish at least one or more things Everday. Because I’m thinking about my retirement in 4-5 years and want to continue traveling, I needed to get my money right. I started with a budget outlining all of my debts, paying off credit cards, and restricting my money going out. I increased my stock investments to grow for my future. I also got a financial planner to help me navigate the projection of my income after retirement.

* It is also important to read plenty of information about what you want to do. The more knowledge you get, the more informed you are about the life you want to create.

So basically visualize how you see the life you want and start creating it. We can do this, everything is possible.


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