Living with purpose means making conscious decisions that benefit your life. I decide what happens to me. Sure it’s much easier to work your job, come home and party on weekends. But when you live on purpose, you find your reason for being. That’s not always easy to figure out, but I realized when you will do things without getting paid, that may be your purpose. When you’re passionate about what you do, that’s being on purpose. I could remain at home comfortably, but instead, I usually find myself going to conferences to expand my knowledge, participate in meetings, or run activities, that’s living out loud.

Now is not the time to just let things happen to you, there is too much at stake.  We can’t have a Wakanda without making things happen and making sacrifices.  Support black businesses with the purpose of creating black wealth.  Become entrepreneurs to pass on black legacy.  Educate ourselves about mental health to help secure our well-being.  

Enjoy yourself with friends who support your ideas and don’t bring you down.  And of course always look your fashionable best when living out loud.



Attending the Pan African Community Festival



Sponsoring a Mental Health First Aid Training 



Hanging out with friends on Sunday Fun day.




Speaking at a Town Hall meeting for over identification of our children in schools



Representing Houston Association of Black Psychologists at a town hall



Taking my health in my own hands with my daily morning walk



Participating in Girl Trek, women walking for health and on purpose



Enjoying your family to check you when necessary