These are the times of great unrest, uncertainty, and anxiousness. This is also a time of reflection and reimagination. First order of business, take a breath, or two. Center ourselves and go into our inner thoughts. Let me look towards my “inner goddess” for answers and guidance.

We must make educated decisions about how we will resume our lives in this time of Covid-19. Don’t let the politicians dictate how you will live your most healthy life. As we do with all medical concerns, we listen to qualified professionals. I agree that it is difficult to separate ourselves from our family and friends for extended periods of time, but us being healthy is so imperative. If we aren’t here, we cannot thrive and therefore leave a legacy to our children. We must reimagine what we can do to get healthy and stay healthy.


When it comes to race in this country, don’t take a breath, speak out.  We have either spoken up or have held our tongues, now is not the time.  It is long overdue that black people in this country demand that police and others stop killing us.  The bough has broken and we are receiving much needed support for our demands from other races nationwide as well as worldwide.  We must take this opportunity and state our list of demands, not asks, but demands.  Our police departments were founded on racism and continue in a large part with that premise.  We must reimagine how we want our law enforcement to look.

Black people must take this opportunity to leverage our power and list the policy changes as well as demand reparations for building this country for free.