WE ARE FIGHTERS! We have always been fighters and always will be fighters as long as there are causes to fight for. We have been fighting from the time of being kidnapped from our home in Africa. We don’t all fight the same way, and that’s okay. We fight against oppression in ways that are individual to us. Some of us have poetic oratory skills, some of us flood the streets with in-your-face protests, and others express themselves artistically through their creations.

Fighting can also be described as evolving, not giving up and reinventing ourselves if necessary. Evolution of your mindset in tackling new obstacles is critical in making a difference in your condition. 2020 is a year that has brought about an epic amount of new challenges as well as challenges that have always been here, but have only resurfaced. Bigotry and racism are a part of this country’s foundation, however it is more prevalent as the country becomes more and more divided.  

However, I believe that some good can come from negativity and evilness, we just need to find our purpose.  What difference can we make?  How can we contribute to the well-being of our society? If we make a commitment to a passion project that serves others, then we all can make a difference in the fight.

What kind of fighter are you going to be?

The following pics are from the exhibit “Soul of a Nation: Art in the Age of Black Power” Houston’s Museum of Fine Arts.