With fall starting, I’m feeling a renewed sense of a new beginning about what is to come. The first part of the year has been an emotional roller coaster. We are not out of the woods yet with the country still fighting through an upheaval of turmoil. I’m feeling positive about what is to come and will keep the faith. There is much to do in a divided country, but “we got this”.

I was able to get out of sweat pants for my September birthday celebration and wear my Belle Badgley Mischka dress. Because it was a rainy day, I had a chance to wear my Roma rain boots.

Trying something new, single braid. A new hair style can uplift your mood and give you a fresh perspective.

We women of substance can be creative with our looks to keep it fresh.

I put this look together, twist-out and dress, while still quarantining at home to lift my spirits.

This tee-shirt reflects all of the protests that took place this summer; keeping it natural.

Wrapping my hair was a necessary move on many days. It helps with not having to go into the office and doing business through Zoom calls.

I’m looking forward to wearing clothing other than sweats. I’m looking forward to feeling fun and stylish again; trying new hairstyles and getting out of the house safely.

We’ve all been through a lot, everyone please take time for yourself and remember who you are.