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Keep It Polished

I really don’t like hearing the phrase, “age appropriate clothes”. My thoughts are, if it’s what you like, if you look good in it, and if you can “own it”, then wear it. Being… Continue reading

Nu Visions

My Inner Goddess always has a vision about how I want to look. I strive to be classy, sexy, and fashionable. Tap into your inner vision and express yourself.  It doesn’t take a… Continue reading

Age Beautifully

“Age is Just a Number. It’s totally irrelevant unless, of course, you happen to be a bottle of wine.” Joan Collins   Age is a matter of mind If you don’t mind, it… Continue reading

Keep it Stylish

Fabulous fifties means keeping yourself stylish. You can shop at Macy’s as well as Forever 21. Choose items that can be easily paired with things in your closet to keep it classy.  

Don’t Forget To Breathe

Don’t forget to take time and breathe. It sounds simple enough, because we breathe every minute. But I mean make a conscious effort to take deep breaths. I often realize that during the… Continue reading

My Creative Edge

Creating my own fashion is something I love doing. Over the years, I have learned to create for myself. I will display more pieces as I create them.


Many women of substance look fabulous in high end fashions.  The more expensive clothing is cut so beautifully to flatter your body, and the use of fine fabrics flow and move wonderfully. Tootsies has a lot to offer and… Continue reading


Summertime gives me an opportunity to take a break. After working hard during the school year, I need to get away even if is for a short time and distance. Any type of… Continue reading

Summertime cool down

Cool margaritas are the perfect break after shopping and site seeing on a hot Texas summer evening.

Hats Off

  I have always loved hats. Back in the day hats were an important fashion accessory that helped make women glamorous. Hats have never totally become extinct; they are now primarily worn on… Continue reading

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