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Keep it Stylish

Fabulous fifties means keeping yourself stylish. You can shop at Macy’s as well as Forever 21. Choose items that can be easily paired with things in your closet to keep it classy.  

Don’t Forget To Breathe

Don’t forget to take time and breathe. It sounds simple enough, because we breathe every minute. But I mean make a conscious effort to take deep breaths. I often realize that during the… Continue reading

Hats Off

  I have always loved hats. Back in the day hats were an important fashion accessory that helped make women glamorous. Hats have never totally become extinct; they are now primarily worn on… Continue reading

cover shot

I’m not who I’m supposed to be. You can’t define me. Lyrical notes, melodies, rhythms and beats jumpstart my days. My existence thrives on the intoxication of sounds and the lack of sounds;… Continue reading

Classic yet fresh


Verses & FLow Ledisi Show

Trench – resale Pants – JC Penney Purse – Michael Kors Booties – Shoe Necklace – Pakistan

My Fashion Is My Truth

I seek to know my truth through my fashion the wisdom the style of my soul I seek beauty and beauty finds me feel my spirit, my energy through my unique and rare… Continue reading


Heat up the chill with leather. Leather has been in style since the 60’s. The first coat I bought myself with my first paycheck was a full-length forest green leather coat. My mother… Continue reading

Houston Fashion Week continues

Four days of beautiful looks. From sleek and chic to bohemian beauties. There is a look for everyone. The fabric textures and colors are gorgeous, and the movement of the garments are breath-taking.… Continue reading

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