Positive Affirmations

A positive self-concept, confidence, happiness, and contentment are what I aim for each day. I affirm this daily to myself. Mental fitness is very important for keeping you young at heart.   Feel… Continue reading

What’s On Your Plate?

Exercising contributes about 30% of losing weight or maintaining a healthy weight; what we eat accounts for 70% of what we look like.  It’s important to make healthy choices about what we put… Continue reading


This national holiday should be used as a time of reflection for the born day of one our greatest American heroes. Dr. King fought for Black people to gain the respect they deserve… Continue reading


                    Being active is not only important for the youngsters, it’s also important for older folks, so keep it moving. Physical activity is extremely… Continue reading

Big Hair

I love wearing an afro, for me, it’s easier and healthier. I have tried short cuts, but I always let my hair grow back out. I love big hair on me because it’s… Continue reading

Fashion In The Neighborhood

Have you ever checked out the small shops in your neighborhood?  You might discover some  buried treasures and great fashions when you look into these shops.  I live an interesting area of small shops… Continue reading

Feeling Inspired

Art inspires me, nature inspires me, a good book inspires me.  Being inspired can translate into beautiful fashion choices. When inspired, colors are deliberate, bold or contrasting.  What inspires you?

Enjoying The Holiday Season With Style

Holiday season is a time for family, friends, and fun.  You need to have plenty of options to choose from for different holiday festivities.  Some affairs are casual, cocktail, or formal.  What to wear… Continue reading

This is what’s trending

Faux fur is trending this season. You can get coats, jackets and vests made with faux fur.  You can be consciously aware of animal rights and stay on trend by purchasing faux furs; they are also much less expensive… Continue reading

Runway Fashions You Can Wear

So often we see designs on the runway that are unwearable in everyday life.  The designs are gorgeous and represent such vision and creativity, but may be difficult to actually wear.  Don’t you… Continue reading

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