Many black women for a long time have been able to do for themselves by sewing.  Making our own clothes is a skill that has been passed on to us generation after generation.  I was fortunate enough to be taught by mother, who was taught be her mother.  There was a period that I stopped sewing, but have since rediscovered the passion and joy I derive from creating.  My love of fashion drives me to find patterns and put my spin on it like I did with this dress.  I inserted  African print at the waistline.  I choose fairly simple styles and do my best to make them work for me; body type, my age and style.  I believe that it is important for Black Americans to be able to self-sustain ourselves through sewing, gardening, cooking, creating and producing.


Linen fabric A-line dress



I added a vintage looking button at the neckline. The African leather necklace adds contrasting color.



The asymmetrical hemline adds interest to an otherwise simple dress.  The side zipper gives easy access.