Fall is fast approaching and you better believe the stores are ready, are you? I attended The Fashion Group International of Houston Fall Trends 2016 held at Saks Fifth Avenue. There was a shoe designer, jewelry designer, a makeup artist, and the marketing manager of Saks. The goal of the evening , give their insight of what’s going to be trending this fall. As you have heard before, everything old is new again. Which means if you have quality clothing that still fits, you may want to hold on to them, because they will probably come in style again.

Leather, which I love continues to make the scene.  Futuristic fabrics combined with bold and muted colors are something to take notice of.

These fashion professionals forecast the military look coming back, and the grunge look paired with a polished pieces to contrast the look  making it edgy. They also forecast a man’s look for women’s tailored business attire; polished suits and jackets, in bold jewel tone colors.
The matte lip is out, now add some sheen to those lips. Shoes will be all over the place, just make sure they’re well fitting and comfortable, the same with accessories, do you, which I already do when It comes to jewelry. I’m seeing more embellished fabrics like this beaded dress.

My outfit is from Chico’s. Women of experience and substance may be fighting  fuller waistlines, like I do.  Chico’s pants have high-waists providing a smooth transition and keeps you tight.  Keep it comfortable and fashionable ladies!